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The ways of joining us are many but each has the same goal – protecting the world’s most vulnerable children from lead exposure.

Whether you are an individual with expertise that can assist the initiative, a business that wants to contribute to an ongoing project or an organization hoping to begin your own project to stop childhood lead exposure, there are a number of ways to get involved with our mission. Whether you choose to become part of the coalition or join as a supporter, advisor or champion, each unique contribution helps us to reach our goal of protecting every child’s potential.

ways to get involved

Purpose: Funding and implementing PECP projects, supporting the development and expansion of PECP initiatives. 

Composition: Donors, implementation partners and technical partners

Criteria to Join: Donors and implementing partners must be implementing project(s) selected by PECP.

Technical organizations must present a strong profile that would lend credibility to PECP’s initiative, and offer to contribute to the initiative by contributing advocacy, technical expertise, research, or standard-setting to support PECP’s mission.

Responsibilities: Galvanize action towards PECP’s mission in their networks, support the work and implementation of PECP’s projects and develop new projects, including opportunities to scale or expand existing initiatives.

Purpose: Publicly support PECP and the Guiding Principles. 

Composition: Organizations, including eligible donors, implementation partners and technical partners, that support PECP’s Guiding Principles but are not yet funding projects or committing to active participation.

Criteria to Join: Entities that want to expressly support PECP’s mission and Guiding Principles, but are not yet committed to funding or implementing a PECP project.

Responsibilities: Willing to publicly support PECP’s Guiding Principles while not being part of the Coalition or involved in projects.

Purpose: Function as a resource of expertise for PECP projects and members of the Coalition. 

Composition: Experts in subject matter areas relevant to PECP.

Criteria to Join: Experts must have relevant experience and be willing to offer technical advisory services to PECP Coalition members and PECP projects on a voluntary basis.

Responsibilities: Draw on their subject matter expertise to provide technical guidance and develop pipeline of projects.

Purpose: Publicly support and advocate for PECP.

Composition: High-profile individuals with recognized influence. 

Criteria to Join: Champions have a prominent presence in their field.

Responsibilities: Raise awareness of PECP and assist in the recruitment of new partners. It is recommended that champions commit to at least two external facing opportunities a year (e.g. social media or a public event) to promote PECP and attract new supporters.


Please email us at the address below for help.
Please email us here for help.
Our projects involve lead exposure education for adults and children

Our Partner Projects

The founding partners are already taking action to protect the world’s most vulnerable children and making steady progress toward improved health and a future free from lead exposure for millions of children across the planet.

Commonly Asked Questions

Delving into the challenging topic of lead exposure and protecting children around the world can be complicated. We have compiled a resource that answers some of the most commonly asked questions.


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